Check out Donovan's podcast of conversations with fellow badass musicians & industry folks. It's called "Ginger Got Soul." Naturally. Haha.

Episode 6 - Dre Mazzenga - That Girl Dre

My buddy Dre Mazzenga of the band, 'That Girl Dre' joins the pod for one of our traditional coffee filled music and theatre conversations. She's one of my favorite people and we cover a lot of different subjects because we're thorough people. Enjoy.

Episode 5 - Max Legrand

My friend and former co worker Max Legrand joins us to talk music and his successful youtube channel and website

Episode 4 - Graham Wilkinson

Graham Wilkinson joins the Pod before we're paired together for our show this Saturday at Continental Club. He has a great story. We talk song writing, musical inspiration, and his illustrious clothing line.

Episode 3 - Jonathan Doyle

Broadcasting from Lindyfest. Jonathan Doyle is a Saxophonist, arranger, and bandleader formerly a sideman for Mighty Blue Kings. Now with his own project Jonathan Doyle Swingtet. We talk Chicago, Austin, jazz, and inspiration. I talk about swing dancing and Lindyfest and my run in with the Texas State Police. If you'd like to skip my opening babble his interview begins around the 18 minute mark.

Episode 2 - Jennifer Houlihan

Austin's music activist and empire expansionist Jennifer Houlihan talks Austin music, her past Theater days, and what she's done in the last several years to support the Austin music scene.


Episode 1 - Ariel Herrera & Chief Perch

My debut into the foray of podcasting. It starts with a little preface from me and my first guests are my buddies from the old band Bare Feat, now with a new name and new sound with Chief Perch.

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